is personal site.

I am fleerance system engineer. working in Osaka(大阪), Kobe(神戸), Hyogo(兵庫), Nishinomiya(西宮) in Japan.
Web site programming, building shop site.

I can afford to work for you. Please contact.

Web Enginner Fleerance 上村崇 Uemura Takashi Osaka Kobe

Uemura Takashi

  • Japanese name: Uemura Takashi 上村崇 (うえむらたかし)
  • Fleerance Web EnginnerProgrammer(Self-Employed)
  • born in 1974/4
  • living in Nishinomiya, Hyougo, Japan
  • usually working in Co-working space in Syukugawa, Nishinomiya.

I can

  • create Web Site with PHP
  • PHP flamework such as Laravel, FuelPHP, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
  • WordPress, GRAV, CMS, making plugin.
  • build shopping-cart system(EC-CUBE4、SoyCMS、CS-Cart、Welcart)
  • build Linux Server、LAMP environment(Apache, nginx, MySQL, MariaDB, php)
  • setting Web Server、database、performance tuning.
  please see more about my output page.

I can also do but not enough experience

  • developing application with Excel VBA
  • Microsoft tool such as C, C++, C#

I can also do but no experience

  • iOS, Android application

I can't do

  • product desin, using tools with Adobe products.


  • passed Class I Information Technology Engineer Examination.
  • Technical engineer(network)